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the process

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The search 

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Tell a story

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Go to market

The search 

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The process begins with research and dialogue. Asking the right questions and gathering information needed. By the end of the process, we would have established the right project  brief, as well as a defined  strategic framework for the project strategy and visual language.

Tell a story 

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From this step forward,  we collectively start develoing the project story. This is when we look into the how, the what and the why. From brand creation to strategy building.  In any given brief, story telling is essential to  be able to build  the visual directions.


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Once we have lead elements to our research, client’s feedback and story line, we start the journeyof visual creation. This process consitues of working with multiple project mood boards, rounds of feedback until the concept is refined to the final visual outcome of the project.

Go to Market 

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After the final project is delivered and based on project brief, the go to market plan is usually set as of this stage. 

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